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Have you been searching for a working and fully functioning way to get into a Wi-Fi network on the web? Ever wondered if there was a some sort of program that allows you to get access to a Wi-Fi network without knowing the actual password? If so, we have exactly what you are looking for here at Our team of network engineers has several years of experience in network development and everyone on our team specializes is building programs that break Wifi passwords. Proper use of our Wifi password hacker will allow you to break any password you want to, all without having to download anything. Our tools all operate from here, to ensure ease of use for all of our online users. We developed this site to help make tools like ours more accessible to the public so they too can make use of our tool to test out how safe their connections are. We strongly encourage you to use our online tool responsibly and with common sense in order to avoid legal trouble. We do not recommend any of our users to use our service to steal information from other people. It is unlawful and immoral, but with that said, welcome!

What we do at WifiPasser

Our team is a group of network engineers that have spent their careers testing network security for all kinds of major corporations. They have used their years of experience to help develop some of the best online hacking on the internet. While there are other tools designed for hacking Wifi passwords, almost all of them require extensive use of different types of Linux operating systems, knowledge on flashing the bios on all of your router equipment, and a large investment on specific receivers. A lot of the reason most programs require this is because they are designed by network engineers to be used by network engineers. Here at, we realize not everyone has certifications in red hat Linux systems or a bunch of money to invest in equipment to utilize hacking tools. That is why we have not only developed easy to use tools for our users, we have created an online platform to allow anyone access to our Wifi password-cracking suite.


Our tools are great if you are trying to test the extent someone has to go to hack your system. When most people hear something like Wifi password hack, they immediately assume that it is something someone would use to steal themselves free Wifi. While you could probably do that, it’s just as important to test out the security of your own network to avoid attacks on your Wifi. Our tool will let you know if you have a weak password or poor encryption formats. Some types of Wifi password encoding that are still in use are very vulnerable to penetration attacks, and can be taken down in minutes. Our website can actually help you identify these types of weaknesses and improve on them!

Also, our tools are absolutely free to use! Most of the methods we use to help you hack Wifi passwords are based on methods we have developed for our own professional use. In addition, any software we have included in our tool set is all based on open source, so we don’t lose anything by making these this service available for free! Our goal with this release was never to monetize our website, but instead to try to get the most users possible to use our tools out of everything else on the web. That’s enough gratuity for us!

Is this safe to use?

Our tool is 100% safe to use if you follow a couple of the following guidelines for our Wifi passwords. Our Wifi hacker is capable of hacking almost any system, but be mindful of whose and what Wifi signals your hacking the passwords for. While you might be able to hack your neighbor’s Wifi password for fun, you probably shouldn’t do it while you are the bank. The second thing you should never do: snoop through people’s personal computers. If you do use our Wifi password hack on someone like your neighbor, you may already be in a legal gray area. With responsible use in the situation, you will probably go unnoticed. But if you were to start going through someone’s personal computer through their network, you have definitely crossed one legal line and began to teeter towards identity theft if you decide to keep or sell any information you find. But if you can manage to follow those two guidelines, you will find Wifipasser to be of amazing use!

We hope that our Wifi password hacker help you break whatever password you put in front of it and wish you luck on all your Wifi hacking adventures!

Wifi Password Hacker


Here is how to use Wi-Fi Password Hacker:

The steps to use the tool are easy to follow.

  • Enter the name of the network.
  • Enter the city.
  • Select a server from the list of choices.
  • Choose whether or not to use a proxy or VPN.
  • Allow the process to start.
  • Wait for decryption algorithms.
  • Receive your decrypted password.


The latest release of our Wi-Fi tool works online and does not require you to download any software in order to run. Crack a Wi-Fi password directly from your device through our website!


Your privacy is our main concern. Our Wi-Fi hacker is based online and runs through our private server. You can even choose to add encryption and proxy support for additional protection!


Our service was designed to be easily accessible to the general public. There is no programming knowledge needed to use our generator, you can hack your own Wi-Fi password in just minutes!


With our latest update, our brand new Wi-Fi tool is now compatible with all devices including iPhone, Android, Windows, and even PC. Feel free to run the generator straight from your device.

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