How Wifipasser Works


After an overwhelming response to our Wi-Fi software, many people have been asking us about how our software extracts passwords from almost any router across the globe, so here you go!

Most Wi-Fi exploits that find passwords are usually designed to exploit specific hardware, network or a combination of both. But, that’s impractical to achieve full scale Wi-Fi password hacking, because the Internet is made up of millions and millions of connected devices, made by hundreds of thousands of manufacturers and may run very different software, which makes hacking “any” router across the globe, a nightmare.

It took us decades of research, testing and development to finally be able to provide a free Wi-Fi password hacker, our team consists of best-in-class network security engineers, cryptographists, and programmers who made this project successful, and we aim to build more freeware to our users!

When you enter the victim’s Wi-Fi Network Name and the city it is located in, our servers begin to search networks in the given area and scrape information from the network to locate the victim’s router. Once the victim’s router has been identified, many of our proprietary hacking algorithms analyze the victim’s router for vulnerabilities, and the algorithm starts exploiting the router’s security software such as a firewall using a wide range of hacking mechanisms and generate the right password. Right after the password has been generated and stored in our servers, it is encrypted using an advanced AES 256 bit encryption for maximum security and anonymity.

You may have to complete a “Human Verification” step to obtain the password for the victim’s Wi-Fi network, this step is only to protect our software from automated bots that abuse and destabilize our systems, and the human verification test is very intuitive and doesn’t take more than a couple minutes to complete. The decrypted Wi-Fi password will be displayed as soon as you finish the “Human Verification” test.

We offer a completely web-based software because maintaining a single front-end that is common to all users is relatively inexpensive and gives us more time to focus on improving our services. We have a large network of servers across the globe, so that any router connected through the Internet can be easily accessible for exploits, and offers a high level of anonymity and security to our users.

Our hacking software does more than just cracking someone’s Wi-Fi password, about 30% of our weekly users primarily use our service to find out how secure their Wi-Fi password really is. We don’t store any of the passwords of any Wi-Fi networks on our servers, our algorithm immediately destroys all exploited passwords after the user closes his browser, so we recommend you to note down the displayed password after you complete all the steps, because you’ll have to go through the entire process again to retrieve the password for another time.

We’d be glad to hear your feedback about our software, and please write to us if you’ve had any trouble using our software.