Terms and Conditions


This page will cover all the uses permitted for while using our wifi password hacking tools. We know that there is a potential for abuse in tools like these, so we’d like to address all the scenarios we do and do not condone while using our tools. Let’s get started!

Our tools our developed primarily for testing purposing on your own networks and anyone else you receive permission from. It is inherently immoral to hack someone’s wifi password so you can avoid paying for your own services and can even be punishable by law in some areas of the world. That is why we do NOT condone using our password hacking to gain the benefit of free internet at someone else’s expense.

While our tool is very useful as a personal tool, we explicitly prohibit commercial use of our online software. Our wifi hack tools are designed for free use by everyone and we view it as abuse for other companies to exploit our software for financial gain. Please do not try to use this wifi password hack tool as a way to make money.

We have a very strong stance against identity theft. We believe that it is never ok to use our tools for malicious intents and it is a crime to steal someone’s identity no matter how easy you might find it to be. Using our tools to hack someone’s home or business network is no different than breaking in to steal something. Keep in mind, if you think it’s a good idea to go through with malicious plans anyway, using our wifi hack tools to steal someone’s information does not make you untraceable. While another user cannot trace you while you are hacking and breaking their wifi passwords, if you steal someone’s information, you will more than likely leave behind a digital footprint that can and will be traced back to you.

The last warning we have for all our users would be hackers is to avoid hacking any wifi networks that require you pay for access. Because of the nature of their operation, such as in truck stops, our wifi password hacks will not work because of the way they designate accounts. If you do manage to hack into a location like this, you’ve usually hacked into a private server, and that is dangerously close to identity theft as well.

While we have no control over how you will ultimately use our tools, we hope that you consider our guidelines we have set. If you follow these guidelines, you will be able to safely and effectively use our hacks. We accept no liability or responsibility if you should end up getting into to any legal or civil trouble. Our tools are created explicitly to help users run various tests on their network security and to help educate users on some of the flaws associated with network security. If used properly, our tools our capable of doing many things, and we expect our users to use digression while employing use of our tools.